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.NET helper library that will make developers life easier. Everything that you cannot find in standard .NET framework can be found here. 

Well folks, this started as a personal project, if any of you have a same thoughts about sharing your knowledge or experience (mostly the code that MS for some reason 'did not' implemented), you are free to join this project. I have been developing software applications for various companies around the world. The specific software solutions I develop for my customers are always targeted to solve unique problems and satisfy specific needs. I spent a lot of the time trying to achieve/code what others did not want to (I would rather say: could not to do). In order to save your time (and you know that the time equals money), here you can (or will) find classes/functions/methods that Microsoft did not (forgot to) implement into the standard .NET framework. The ones that I/we think it could help you out as a developer (plural) to have a less stressful life.

This library at the moment contains: 

  • DynamicNativeLibrary - class that helps you to load and use native/unmanaged dynamic-linked libraries dinamically. It provides you ability to load a native libraries dynamically from the memory or the disk. Usually you use native LoadLibrary function (P/Invoke/Import) to load a native library/function from the disk. DynamicNativeLibrary allows you to load a native (dynamically-linked) library and it's functions from the memory (byte array). You can store both x86 and x64 bit dll's into your managed library as resource and dynamically load required one from the memory without a need to store it to the disk first. Benefits of this class? Each library loaded from the memory runs in it's own context. Is this a benefit? I'll let you to judge.
  • SecureDelete extensions - did you ever wander how to delete your files via .NET in a secure way? Well, this extension prevents file recovering by allowing you to shred/wipe your files or even entire directories in a secure way using Gutmann, DoD-7, DoD-3, Random or Quick algorithm before actually deleting them. If you wanna get rid of the top secret files for ever without ability to recover them, use this extension.


  • Implementation of everything unusual.

Josip Habjan

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